Examples of Associated Work Cooperatives

An associated work cooperative is a type of cooperative in which the members have activities that are related to each other, in which in many cases one depends on the other. The objective of this type of organization is to offer a production of goods and / or services among all those involved, under active collaboration schemes.

Both the machinery or tools, as well as the tasks that are generated in the associated work cooperative are framed in the contribution of all active members. In very different from a cooperative in which people only get together for assemblies and in which they work with their own vehicles, for example.

Types of associated work cooperative

  • Cooperatives of business impulse: a cooperative in which professionals with more experience carry out consultancy or advisory services to the members in order to support them in their endeavors. These organizations play a very important role in the first months or years of the business of their partners, since they will be the ones that provide services to and guide them.
  • Cooperatives of social interest: these are companies that provide services to those people in unfavorable situations and who for some reason are unable to integrate into society or have been rejected from it.
  • Transport cooperatives: the company acquires vehicles to transport people or parcels. Each member is assigned a car to offer such a service together.

Examples of associated work cooperative

  • Smart Ibérica: is a cooperative based in the Iberian Peninsula and made up of artists.
  • SBP-CA: This cooperative is made up of journalists and communicators.
  • Cooperativa Virgen del Valle (fictitious): is an association of taxi drivers that travel through the metropolitan area of ​​the city, also providing a suburban delivery service.
  • Digitalservice (fictitious): Cooperative that provides IT technical support to small companies, as well as training in the management of networks, servers and databases.

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