Examples of Assertiveness

The Assertiveness is a quality that some people have the time to express themselves properly and also how to express their feelings with respect and honesty. It is extremely important that when you communicate with other people there is always respect, you must never forget that no one is more than anyone and therefore other people should not be humiliated.

Some people when addressing other people do so in an aggressive tone, thus succeeding in hurting and offending but this is not the appropriate attitude for this reason people should always put assertiveness into practice so that their communication is easier.

10 Examples of Assertiveness

  1. Positive assertiveness refers to what people are left with when they like something and want to give thanks for example: thank you for your services, you do your job well.
  2. An elementary assertive response is when one of the people becomes upset and begins to raise their tone of voice, while the aggrieved party tries to calm them by asking them to please moderate their tone of voice.
  3. Understanding this is based on when one of the people understands the situation of the other person and respects them but also tries to express their point of view.
  4. I feel in this case the most assertive response is being sought so as not to hurt the other person by implying their way of acting in the face of the situation they present.
  5. Respond assertively to aggressiveness, such as when you calm down and stop yelling, let’s talk.
  6. Listen well before saying no, it is very simple you just have to listen to what the person is proposing and then tell him why you cannot accept it.
  7. Always use a no reasoned, when you use a no you have to know how to explain why with sincerity is the best thing to do.
  8. A temporary no, this is not used when things cannot be done at the moment but it may be that another time.
  9. Never seek responsibility from outsiders, everyone must always assume their responsibilities.
  10. It is important to know that all human beings have rights that must be respected in order to live well.

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