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What is a work of art?

The result obtained by an artist after his composition and creation process is known as a work of art. It is characterized by transmitting ideas, feelings and thoughts through an aesthetic and social concept. In addition to this, the artist adds his personal language, he is the one who decides the intention or purpose of the work. When the term ‘work of art’ is used, it is automatically referred to unique pieces with aesthetic functions.

Now, nowadays an endless number of things are called works of art. This is because the term has been used to praise or praise something neat and with a precise finish. Sometimes it can also refer to beauty, that is, to something that is pleasant and pleasing to the eyes. However, in the art world and in conservatories or museums, only those manifestations made according to the classification of fine arts are considered a work .

On the other hand, it is important to mention that those remarkable pieces, made under excellence, according to art critics, are called a masterpiece. These stand out for being impeccable in terms of the applied technique and the aesthetic value they possess. They stand out in such a way that it becomes momentous and distinguished throughout history. Similarly, whether or not it is a masterpiece, the work of art is characterized by generating a sensory, analytical and reflective process in the viewer.

Classification of the artwork

  • Spatial: Called this way because of their permanence in time and space when exhibited, they are characterized by being static. They are also known as visual arts, therefore, it involves photography , sculpture and painting.
  • Temporary: Their permanence in time and space is short and variable, it can be viewed depending on the duration of the piece. Within these are mainly music and literature.
  • Temporal spatial: This is characterized by being an intermediate point between temporal and spatial works. They have the possibility of being exhibited and interpreted continuously or repeatedly, being mobile and static at the same time. Among these are theater, performance and dance.

Characteristics of the artwork

  • It reflects realities, they can be objective or subjective according to the perception of the artist.
  • Its interpretation depends on the viewer regardless of the intention pursued by the author.
  • It is full of feelings and emotions , it has a sensitive character.
  • It is not utilitarian, its function is aesthetic and social.
  • Genuine, unique and unrepeatable, it is not reproduced in large quantities like crafts.
  • It is symbolic, it has a message that leads the viewer to analysis and reflection.
  • Provides knowledge under its message and composition in technical and aesthetic aspects.

Examples of works of art

  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s gioconda.
  • Picasso’s guernica.
  • Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.
  • Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
  • Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • The sculpture of David made by Miguel Angel.
  • In literature you can find Don Quixote de la Mancha written by Miguel Ángel de Cervantes

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