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Examples of arrogant


An arrogant person is one who feels superior to others. The word is an adjective with a negative connotation and comes from the Latin arrogantis (arrŏgans) .

Synonyms and antonyms

Among the synonyms for “arrogant” are:

Presumptuous, arrogant, haughty, haughty, impertinent, disdainful, insolent, stiff, contemptuous, contemptuous, harsh, conceited, vain, proud, imperious, pimp, chop, fachendoso, cockerel, stiff, immodest, conceited, petulant and arrogant.

In another context:

Handsome, elegant, distinguished, dashing, graceful, brave, bizarre, spirited, handsome, nice, graceful, easygoing and brave.

The antonyms are:

Humble, simple.

In another context:

Ungainly, scruffy, bored, trim, shy.

Characteristics of the arrogant

Arrogance makes people feel very confident in themselves, but exposed in an unpleasant way, to the point of bordering on self-centeredness.

An arrogant being is someone with an almost always arrogant and conceited demeanor . Many believe they are experts in all the topics they talk about , with the addition of not being interested in the opinion of others.

The arrogant person is not always a bad person, or disrespectful, but sometimes they can offend others with the intention of reinforcing their arrogance and “showing” that he or she is more valuable as a person.

Arrogance can be part of someone’s personality or an attitude acquired because of some eventuality, such as winning awards, being famous overnight, being successful at work, among others. It can also be caused by some trauma or affective deficiency, but it is something that a psychology professional should study for each case of arrogant person.

Examples of arrogant

Here are some of the attitudes that arrogant people tend to have:

  • One of the bosses of a company, who treats some of his subordinates with contempt for not having the same skills as him or not enjoying the benefits of being a member of the board.
  • During a meeting between friends, the arrogant man begins to speak hoping that others will only listen to him and limit themselves to paying attention to him. They will claim in a certain way if the opposite occurs.
  • At the family Christmas Eve party, the arrogant person opens the topic of travel only to brag about what he did on his recent vacation or the supposed trips he will take the following year.
  • The group of coworkers goes out for lunch. One of the employees enthusiastically describes how he proposed to his girlfriend, but the arrogant person (and who never wants to get married) tries to lower his spirits by making negative comments about the marriage and ensuring that his decision not to marry is the best one.
  • At school there is a group of friends made up of three people, but one of them is very shy, even so he has opened up to his friends to tell them about his life. Among the friends there is someone arrogant, who when they are in the classroom uses the information of the shy boy to be the jester of the class, in addition, he assures that his friend is happy being taken into account by him.
  • A woman with very low economic resources and with physical problems asks for money on the bus. Some people collaborate with the woman, but someone, who is very arrogant, comments out loud about the annoyance of having someone asking for money instead of working.
  • At the company’s annual meeting, one of the directors describes some of its best employees. One of those you mention tends to loudly highlight his skills at work, so he doesn’t wait to flaunt his boss’s favoritism even more towards him.
  • Even if no one asks him, someone mentions and exaggerates his soccer qualities just when someone else talks about his favorite professional player.
  • A somewhat arrogant social media user shares his opinion on a particular topic. A former classmate comments on the post, very kindly criticizing his approach to the subject. Not seeing the criticism in the best light, the author of the publication took it upon himself to mock his friend’s opinion and blocked it.

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