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Arroba @) is a symbol belonging to the 255 characters of the ASCII code, those that we use on computer keyboards or mobile devices.

However, although at present it seems that its use is limited to the online sphere , very few know that this symbol has a rather distant origin, when electricity did not even exist.

The term arroba originates from the Arabic “ar-rub”, which translates as “the fourth part”.

History of the at

During the Middle Ages the arroba was used as a measure, to refer to a certain amount of wine and grain, also to limit its price. Over the years, its use began to expand to other latitudes. That is why English-speaking people often hear the term to translate “the price of each unit” or “each unit at a price of.”


There are many uses for the at sign, especially in today’s world. Here are some of them:

  • In many social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram , the at sign is used to mention other users, and that this action achieves an interaction with the mentioned user.
  • It is part of the structure of the emails, to mention the platform that generates the service.
  • In English the term is read ” at “, which means “in”, “a” or “next to”, so it is often used to name the place of location of yourself or someone else.
  • Although it is not a practice approved by the RAE, the at sign is also used informally so as not to refer to a single sexual gender through the words, for example “children”. But it is unnecessary, then, the gender of the words has nothing to do with the gender of the subject they name.
  • In architectural design it is used to denote coordinates.

How to put the at sign on the keyboard

The at sign, according to the ASCII code, is obtained by pressing the command alt + 64. The number must be written with the numeric keyboard, not with the numbers that are above the letters.

As the symbol is included in the keyboards, to find it you will only have to press the alt + 2 keys at the same time. The number “2” must be the one of the upper keys, not on the numeric keyboard. Some keyboards may have the at sign in the “q” key, so you will need to type alt + q.

Examples of arroba

  • 30 pounds (11,502 kg) in Castile.
  • 32 pounds (10.4 kg) in Catalonia.
  • 36 pounds (12.5 kg) in Aragon.
  • @examples
  • @ user.1990
  • @ The Angels.
  • Coordinates: @ 3,4, where they are 3 units on the X axis and 4 units on the Y axis.
  • Relative coordinates (@ distance <angle): @ 4 <90, which is equal to a distance of 4 units from the last designated point at an angle of 90 degrees from the X axis.

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