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Examples of Argument of Authority

An argument from authority is defined as the way to justify some fact or premise confirmed by someone who has the authority to do so.

Therefore, the authority argument is one that has a higher institution or person authorized to deal with the subject and be able to value it as something true.

10 Examples of Argument of Authority

  1. In the state of Táchira, there is a strong case of insecurity, data that were thrown by the CICPC commander.
  2. In Venezuela there is a severe case of malnutrition according to the latest data released by the National Institute of Nutrition.
  3. According to UNICEF, children must be stimulated from an early age so that they perform well in their school life.
  4. The English teacher told his students that it is very important to learn to speak several languages.
  5. Doctor Gómez instructs his patient to drink a liter of water a day to improve his health .
  6. He reports that the toilet trucks are in poor condition and for this reason there is no way to collect the garbage from the town.
  7. The gynecologist recommends doing the cytology every year to avoid diseases .
  8. The pope says that they should have mass every Sunday.
  9. The director of the hospital reports that there is a change in schedules.
  10. The painting teacher tells her students that it is important to know an art.

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