Examples of applications to optimize Android

Android is the mobile operating system most used by millions of users around the world. Many users enjoy great performance on their computers and many experts believe that it is the darling of the market. However, not all users enjoy a good experience due to the characteristics of the device they purchased. If you are going through this problem, we bring you some examples of  applications to optimize android that will improve your experience when using it.

Applications to optimize android on my device

Google Play Store has many applications available in its stock. Some are paid and others are totally free. So we will talk about the best options and that are available for the vast majority of versions of the Android operating system.

Clean Master:  We find a free version and a paid version. It is one of the most downloaded and effective android optimization applications to free up RAM memory consumption on our computer and eliminate junk files.

SD Maid: An application that since its arrival has been the salvation of thousands of users. It is responsible for the management and optimization of the memory that we use all the time on our mobile or tablet.

DU speed booster:  An “off-road” application, which is responsible for improving the performance of our team in different sectors. They offer us optimized applications, eliminate junk files and have control over battery drain.

AVG Cleaner:  This antivirus offers an ideal sister application for cleaning and managing our files. It is available in a free and paid version. Today it is one of the best  applications to accelerate android on the market.

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