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Examples of Apa Standards

Apa norms are defined as the set of standards which were created by the American Psychological Association with the aim of unifying the way of presenting written works at an intentional level.

The Apa standards are used especially to elaborate degree works or any type of work that has to do with research. To carry out a job using these rules, the steps must be taken so that the job is well done.

10 Examples of Apa Standards

  1. The margins of the leaves must be taken into account since they must be the same for all four sides.
  2. Footnotes these must be indicated with a numeral index that must be successive: 1,2,3,4, 5, …….
  3. The numbering of the pages is important that the pages are always numbered either in the upper or lower left corner with the exception of the cover and preliminary pages. It is essential that the page number is accompanied by the last name of the author of the text.
  4. The indentation of the first line of each paragraph should always have a space of 5 lines before writing the first word.
  5. The abbreviation all the academic works that are carried out must always use abbreviations in their references, citations or indicative texts.
  6. In general, quotes that have less than 40 words or five lines should be enclosed in quotation marks, so that in this way they can be differentiated from the rest of the text in this way they will not alter their information.
  7. Quotes that have more than 40 words should be written smaller than the rest of the work.
  8. Paraphrasing or paraphrasing quotes these are the ideas that other people have which can be included in the work in their own words, it is important to point out the original authorship.
  9. Parenthetical references are important.
  10. Include the work on a web page. The work can be referred to as a movie.

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