Examples of anecdotes

What are anecdotes?

The anecdotes are short stories that have touches of humor, they are usually curious and cause grace in those who listen to said narration . These narratives are based on real events that the same person who has lived them tells them, although some elements are also usually added that make said experience more attractive and fun for others; There may be certain exaggerations and things that were not within what really happened, but in general the message conveys a true fact.


Anecdotes are defined as the story that is made briefly about a situation that has happened, whether it is curious or funny. In general, anecdotes happen in reality since they arise from real events, with real people and places.

These stories always tend to attract attention since they are narrated by the same people who live them, for this reason they arouse interest at the moment of hearing them. It is almost always the humor that comes out before the story of any anecdote since the funny ones are the most told.

Anecdotes are usually told in that way since, in addition to being funny, it also makes it easier to understand the things they want to tell, but it does not only focus on humor; Some stories of this type can have a dose of drama or terror , the objective is to facilitate the narration and make it more vivid, which also generates empathy in those who listen to these stories.


Anecdotes can also leave evidence of the personality of the person who narrates, it can also make direct or indirect reference to a reality within society and in some cases the same can happen about the way of being of other people or how a company operates. institution, according to this many times this type of narration is related to the parable or the fable.

On the other hand, as we said, it can be an excellent way of transmitting an idea, for example when a teacher wants to explain a historical event, he can do so by telling something that happened to him in his student stage, an economist can explain a concept about finance by telling an anecdote. on your personal or family finances and thus can be applied to many situations in everyday life.

10 Examples of anecdotes

  1. The writings Stephen King when he was very young, with 12 years he witnessed the murder of another child in his neighborhood, this marked him so much that the deaths of children are a recurring element in his novels.
  2. JRR Tolkien when he was only 6 years old was bitten by a poisonous spider which left him in a very delicate state, during his recovery he was reading a book about fantasy creatures which inspired him to write his famous books.
  3. Mark Twain said that on one of his train trips through the United States the inspector asked him for his ticket and did not find it, after searching for a long time the inspector told him: «I know you wrote ‘Tom Sawyer’ so no worry, I’m sure you must have dropped it there “, however Mark kept looking while the man insisted that it was not necessary but finally Mark confessed:” If I can’t find it, I don’t know where I should get off “
  4. When I was little, my sister and I played hide and seek and one day I wanted to watch my favorite show so that she would be calm, I told her to play but I was counting and she was hiding. And if she ran to hide and I sat down to watch my program in some commercials, I went to look for her and she was asleep in the closet.
  5. On Saturday I went to dance with some friends and to impress I took some heels that I had not worn for a long time and when I was dancing with the boy that I like, God broke my heel. I arrived very flirtatious from my house and then arrived without shoes.
  6. My father told me that on one occasion, my mother was cleaning the house and he was cooking, at which point my mother screams and comes out terrified. I was scared because she left the room as white as a paper. He told me there was someone in the closet, when dad went to check it turned out it was an old mop with some old shirts on it. When he showed it to mom, they were both laughing at what happened for a long time.
  7. When I was a child, my grandfather always took me out for a walk. We went to the market and bought things for the house, for my mother and finally she gave me a sweet that used to be almost always ice cream. I remember he always told me: you deserve this and more, remember, the world is yours.
  8. We left the house this morning and when we were on the corner I saw my mom and I said to her: Mom took the keys to the house, I’m leaving. When I turn around and see well, it turns out that she was my neighbor.
  9. «I amused myself imitating singers, copying sounds. That is why music was born in me before words ». Luis Alberto Spinetta.
  10. On one occasion, the neighbor across the street was arguing with her husband. When we got closer to see what was happening, it turns out that she had fallen asleep and left the kitchen on, so he told her why didn’t you turn off the kitchen? and she answered: because I woke up thinking about you all night and it turns out that I was actually partying and hadn’t slept at all.

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