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Examples of andropause

What is andropause?

Andropause is defined as a phenomenon hormone present in older men, appears specifically between fifty and seventy years. It is characterized by generating a decrease in testosterone levels, a hormone that contributes and influences the development and functioning of the male body. For this reason, great changes occur in the individual, mainly affecting their sexual development.

However, andropause also alters the subject’s way of life, from their physical and physiological activity to their psychological development. In this sense, it is important to note that this phenomenon does not occur spontaneously. On the contrary, according to studies, it is said that to from forty initiates the process and loss of testosterone. This loss acts gradually or progressively and is detected only through blood tests or after analyzing the symptoms.

Likewise, it should be borne in mind that once symptoms have arisen, the individual should be evaluated by a physician. Andropause must be treated, especially if it occurs early before the age of forty. Review and treatment will avoid or lessen the impact of complications such as depression and sleep disturbance. On the other hand, some people understand this phenomenon as the crisis of the forties. It represents a kind of “pause” in the advancement of the male individual.

Andropause symptoms

The following are the multiple symptoms of different character that are manifested when an individual has andropause:

Of a sexual nature

  • Spontaneous erections do not occur.
  • Decreased and low sexual desire.
  • Problems getting an erection.

Of a physical nature

  • There is an increase in body fat.
  • Muscles decrease in size.
  • Exaggerated sweating appears.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Palpitations
  • Loss of body hair.

Of a psychological or mental nature

  • Anxiety .
  • Sensitivity.
  • Easily irritated.
  • Depression can develop.

What is the treatment for andropause

Its main treatment is based on the compensation and replacement of testosterone that has been lost. However, extreme care must be taken with this, since it cannot be applied to all males. This, especially in those individuals who have suffered or are likely to suffer from diseases of the prostate such as cancer.

In general, the administration of testosterone is usually through tablets or intramuscular injections. The amount will depend on the prescription made by an endocrine specialist or urologist. Similarly, it is essential that the andropausal take care of their health , diet and physical activity. Also, it is said that the intake of ‘tribulus’ in tea or tablets can contribute to the increase in testosterone as long as there are no heart problems in the individual.

Examples of andropause

  • Precocious andropause, it happens before the age of forty.
  • Common andropause, begins after the age of forty.
  • Menopause, although it only occurs in women and represents loss of estrogen, works in a similar way to andropause that occurs in men.

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