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Examples of Ancient Civilizations

There are  civilizations  that have marked the history of humanity, from discoveries to the creation of empires, it is how we could consider that some were framed up to what are currently examples of the growth of a people, in addition to the great changes that were propitious for humanity would continue to evolve. This will be the first part of the  Ancient Civilization examples . The first thing we are going to tell you is that the  definition of ancient civilization is a people that stood out for discoveries in different areas or for achieving fundamental changes that created relationships and groups.

Examples of Ancient Civilizations

Examples of Ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations 

Egyptian culture:  located on the banks of the Nile River and with a duration of 3000 years of its empire, they stood out for the creation of  pyramids, hieroglyphs, commerce as well as other constructions that left a legacy. Its polytheistic system was another of the things that stood out on the part of this culture.Ancient civilizations

Ancient Rome:  This was probably the civilization that advanced the most in addition to being the most recognized, it had control of all of Europe and was founded in 753 BC If we talk about its legacy,  Roman law is the most important thing for many people, because The basis of this system is how many laws have been created.Ancient civilizations

Greek civilization:  Recognized for being the first civilization that had a scientific, philosophical and historical development, the legacy it left us is based on legacy and great characters from Homer, Aristotle, Plato, among other famous historical figures for the history of mankind.

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