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Examples of anabolism


Anabolism is a process linked to metabolism and in turn influences body weight. It is a set of processes in which molecules are synthesized in order to build and consume, consume in the sense that energy is almost always required to generate this process and has as a consequence the construction of things such as muscles of people who practice sports or who perform different exercise routines outdoors or in gyms, which is why this term is very popular within this field of fitness and health .


Basically anabolism allows the generation of new cells in the body, especially in muscle tissues . It is also known as biosynthesis and it turns out to be the opposite of catabolism which is a process in which muscle tissues break down, degrading them.

This process is divided into three stages:

  • the first the production of amino acids , monosaccharides and others
  • they are immediately reactively activated by ATP energy
  • and as a third stage, molecules such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids will intervene

Basically the body uses this process as if it were building a house based on bricks and cement, in the human body simple chemicals intervene during the process for the synthesis and creation of bone and muscle tissues.


In the field of sports, anabolism and catabolism are processes that directly affect the issue of muscle mass gain or loss, both processes occur naturally and are always active, however, in people who carry out a training routine, the anabolism will have a much greater relevance, it should also be noted that healthy diet and eating foods rich in nutrients favor the creation of tissues for this is that healthy eating plays a key role in anabolism and sports.

Examples of anabolism

  1.  ATP synthesis or energy consumption
  2. Mitosis – meiosis or cell division
  3. Protein synthesis
  4. Manufacture of biomolecules
  5. The biosynthesis of fatty acids and amino acids
  6. Photosynthesis
  7. Chemosynthesis
  8. Calvin cycle
  9. Gluconeogenesis
  10. Growth phase of living beings

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