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Examples of Alkaline Diets

The  alkaline diet is a group of diets that are interrelated in a certain way: it is based on the theory that certain foods help control the acidity and pH of the blood and urine, which can help fight diseases or prevent them .

The diet consists of avoiding those foods that are acidifying , that is, those that contain an acid that gives food that flavor and also tend to be more perishable, such as meat or cereals , and consume more alkalizing foods : they  are those that protect us of acids and have a sweet taste, like beets or non-citrus fruits. 

Today the  benefits of the alkaline diet are too good, they help people with diseases such as cancer, in addition to allowing you to have the body you have always dreamed of. It is theorized that food has a reaction that is acidic in the body and the pH of our fluids, giving great results in our body and physical appearance. It should be noted that it is not recommended by all nutritionists.

Examples of Alkaline Diet

Example 1:

  • Breakfast : Vegetable drink smoothie with nuts and seeds.
  • Food : Baked vegetables with tofu sausage or diced tofu.
  • Dinner : Mixed salad shake.

Example 2:

  • Breakfast : Rice cakes with cereals, sesame puree and infusion.
  • Food : Steamed vegetables with quinoa and cucumber salad.
  • Dinner : Salad with vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Example 3:

  • Breakfast : Soy yogurt or oatmeal (natural) with seeds and nuts.
  • Food : Rice with chickpeas and spinach.
  • Dinner : Green beans, carrots, seitan and avocado.

Example 4:

  • Breakfast : Chia seeds with dried fruits.
  • Lunch : Salad and rice with broccoli and tofu.
  • Dinner : Whole vegetable paella with vegetable sausages.

Example 5:

  • Breakfast : Infusion, lemon juice and homemade almond bread.
  • Food : Sautéed seitan with vegetables and omelette.
  • Dinner : Steamed cauliflower with sesame seeds and walnuts.

Example 6:

  • Breakfast : Rice cakes or unleavened rye bread with olive oil, tomato and vegetable sausage.
  • Food : Buckwheat with grilled tofu.
  • Dinner : Quinoa salad.

Example 7:

  • Breakfast : rye flour pancakes and carob drink.
  • Food : Legumes with fresh vegetables and brown rice.
  • Dinner : Cabbage salad and tofu cubes with vegetable yogurt.

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