Examples of agreement


An agreement is an agreement or alliance that is made with respect to one or more points, between two or more people.

This type of agreement can be given personally and directly or indirectly, as is the case in companies where representatives make certain decisions that employees must abide by.

Example of minutes of agreement

1. “From the meetings:

The meetings of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee will be held once a month and by agreement between its members, which is estimated on the last days of each month. Additionally, they will hold extraordinary meetings at the request of the Delegates or Company Representatives. The calls for such meetings will be made at least three days in advance.

Minutes signed by the people who were present will be drawn up for each meeting, which will be transcribed in the minutes books of the committee, stating the place, date and time of the meeting, identification of those present, the topics addressed, the requests presented. , the agreements adopted and any other observation deemed appropriate. Said books will not have erasures or amendments and in order for them to be valid, it must be written “VALE LO AMENDADO” and then signed by the members of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee present.

ORGANIZATION: The Occupational Health and Safety committee will organize the appointment of the Debate Director and the rapporteur at each meeting.

The functions of the debate director will be the following:
  • Coordinate, plan and guide the meeting.
  • Channel the proposals made by the members of the Committee, to organize the meeting agenda.
  • Arrange for the logistics of the meeting.
  • Present the guests to the meeting, indicating the reason for their presence and which representation makes the invitation.

The functions of the rapporteur will be the following:

  • Raise the corresponding minutes at the end of the meeting.
  • Prepare jointly with the members of the Committee and send or deliver, the monthly report that must be presented to Inpsasel.
  • Read minutes and correspondence during the meeting.
  • Write and send or deliver the correspondence approved by the Committee Members.

The appointment of this director and this rapporteur will be made in accordance with the provisions of Article 75 of the Partial Regulations of the Organic Law on Prevention, Conditions and Work Environment. “

  1. School agreement

“In accordance with what happened during the hours of yesterday, the board of directors of the educational unit” los valles de oro “has decided to suspend school activities for a period of 24 hours in order to carry out the corresponding renovations”

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