Examples of Agency Contract

The agency contract is one in which a natural person the agent is bound by another, in other words, it is a business collaboration that is regulated by trade.

Through this tool, a merchant can independently and stably explore businesses as long as they belong to the same branch and are within the same territory.

5 Examples of Agency Contract

  1. Agency contracts: The objective of this analysis is to carry out a strictly legal study, of a comparative type. Regarding the commercial agency contract. In our study we will seek to establish both the differences and the similarities between said right, so we will also look for a sufficiently broad agenda to achieve a good understanding of the subject.
  2. In every contract, the employer and the agent must exist for the contract to exist.
  3. The agent is a legal entrepreneur.
  4. The agents are not responsible for any type of risk in the operations that it promotes, only if an agreement is reached before starting the procedures.
  5. It is essential that the agent safeguards the interests of his client since whose accounts are to carry out his professional activity.
  6. Every agent must have responsibility and protect the businessman’s money.
  7. It is always important that the agent keep the employer informed of any changes to his management that he may need.
  8. Accounting plays an important role in any agency contract, for this reason this technique should always be carried out separately and independently from other acts or operations that have to do with other entrepreneurs.
  9. Competition is not accepted while the contract is in force, since the agency must have a high degree of loyalty since it must bear in mind that it is working with the interests of the employer. For this reason, you should not carry out any similar activity on your own.

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