Examples of affirmative, negative and question sentences with will

In English, we can use two types of verbs that have the same meaning and that can be interchanged, when we refer to future actions. Those verbs are “will” and “going to” . But in this case, we are going to give you some examples of affirmative, negative and question sentences with will .

Sentences that have future actions are known in English as future simple , but for the construction of the sentence it is necessary to know when we can use the verb will within the structure of the English language.

When to use the verb will ?

The verb will is used for situations that may or may not happen, always in the future tense . This means that it is a conditional verb . Non-conditional as we commonly know it, such as, “If you don’t do this, I won’t come.” But in a way that it could possibly happen.

It is very easy to learn English if you just follow the rules. For example, in the case of the future verb in this language, will , can be used in 3 ways. First of all, as we have already mentioned. It is the base of the verb.

The short way to use it is with “ -‘ll ” and the negative way to use this verb is with “ won’t ”. In this way, you can build sentences of all kinds, as long as they have a future meaning in the sentence.

Examples of affirmative, negative and question sentences with will

Next, you will see some examples where you can identify the verb, according to the type of sentences.

Affirmative sentences

    1. will arrive soon. (I will arrive)
    2. She ‘ll be there by 5 o ‘clock (She will be there at 5 o’clock)
    3. will buy a car soon. (I’ll buy a car soon )
    4. will make him an offer. (I will make you a proposal)
    5. She will call back. (She will call back)
    6. The door will (will break the door)
    7. You will stay home today. (Today you will stay at home )
    8. You will be home soon. (You’ll be home soon)
    9. She will wait for a couple of hours. (She will wait for a couple of hours)
    10. will buy a new computer soon. (I’ll buy a new computer soon)
  1. Conor will choose the cake. (Conor will choose the cake)
  2. She will become a lawyer. (She will be a lawyer)
  3. John will cook dinner. (John will cook dinner)
  4. He will call back. (He will call back)
  5. He will go to the supermarket
  6. The window will (will break the window)
  7. It will (Lloverá)
  8. You will learn it quickly. (You will learn it quickly)
  9. We will enjoy the evening. (We will enjoy the evening)
  10. We will call you later. (We will call you later)
  11. We will end out. (We will find out)
  12. will think about it. (I’ll think about it)
  13. The tourists will ask for directions. (Tourists will ask where to go)
  14. They will finish school in two years. (They will finish school in two years)
  15. They will help you are. (They will help you soon)

Negative sentences

  1. He won’t eat all the food. (He won’t eat all the food )
  2. We won’t come to the party. (We are not going to the party)
  3. won’t talk to you again. (I will not speak to you again)
  4. Sarah won’t be angry. (Sarah won’t be mad)
  5. won’t be able to do it. (I won’t be able to)
  6. Mary won’t like it. (Mary won’t like it)
  7. Sofia won’t be late. (Sofia won’t be late)
  8. You won’t come to the party. (You won’t come to the party )
  9. Kevin won’t be late. (Kevin won’t be late)
  10. They will not (They will not mind)
  11. The dog won’t bark tonight. (The dog won’t bark tonight)
  12. They won’t be happy. (They won’t be happy)
  13. You won’t enjoy it. (You won’t enjoy it)
  14. You won’t have time. (You won’t have time)
  15. She won’t play with the baby. (She won’t play with the baby )
  16. He won’t buy the tickets. (He won’t buy the tickets)
  17. It will not ( will not work)
  18. They won’t get married. (They will not marry)

Interrogative sentences

  1. Will it stop raining by tomorrow? (Will it stop raining for tomorrow?)
  2. Will they bring more people? (Are they going to bring more people)
  3. Won’t you ask him? (Won’t you ask him?)
  4. Will Stella marry him? (Will Stella marry him?)
  5. Will the show start on time? (Will the show start on time?)
  6. Will it be fun? (It will be fun?)
  7. Won’t it snow? (Won’t it snow?)
  8. Will you be a pilot? (Will you be a pilot?)
  9. Will you be friends forever? (Will they be friends forever?)
  10. Will you recognize them? (Will you recognize them?)
  11. Will he find the way? (Will he find the way?)
  12. Will someone show up? (Will someone come?)
  13. Will he buy the newspaper? (Will you buy the newspaper?)
  14. Will the play tennis together? (They will play tennis together)
  15. Won’t you go to the movies? (Won’t you go to the movies?)
  16. Will Jenny take care of the garden? (Will Jenny take care of the garden?)
  17. Will you help me with math? (Will you help me with math?)

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