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Examples of Aerobic Endurance

Aerobic resistance is defined as the ability of the human body to function efficiently and perform physical activities with little effort.

When people have good aerobic endurance, they can perform any type of exercise with great satisfaction, maintaining the ability to maintain a good level of oxygen and circulate it throughout the body.

10 Examples of Aerobic Endurance

  1. Tennis: this type of exercise requires being in constant movement since you have to look for the direction of the ball.
  2. The walks: this is one of the most common aerobic exercises since it is carried out through sessions and they serve to lose weight since by taking a suitable rhythm fat is burned, in addition the respiratory and cardiovascular organs work incessantly.
  3. Dances: when dancing in a group to perform exercises, a routine is done where the muscles work, and the respiratory capacity works continuously.
  4. Swimming: this is one of the most demanding exercises since you have to take in a large amount of oxygen to keep the body working in the water.
  5. Aerobic jumps: in this type of exercise a high oxygen consumption is also used to maintain movements.
  6. Cycling: this type of exercise is very demanding since the lower limbs are used and also requires a cardiorespiratory capacity.
  7. Soccer: this sport combines intense and short races and always maintains forward and backward movements.
  8. Rope jumping: this sport is characterized by continuous jumps to avoid stepping on the rope.
  9. Free weights: this exercise requires the use of small weights to stimulate muscle mass.
  10. Squats: squats work the part of the legs and buttocks which requires physical resistance.

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