Examples of Advertising Text

Advertising texts are defined as those ads that try to convince the public that the products are really good for them to buy.

The advertising texts usually use a visual language, although the text is essential to create a particular message and to attract attention, for this reason at the time of creating the message it must persuade customers that plays an important role in these texts.

5 Examples of Advertising Text

  1. Coca cola: “refresh your life with a tasty drink.” On one occasion the company launched this advertisement in which it attracted the attention of the public. Although we must not forget that this brand is recognized throughout the world.
  2. Mavesa: this brand includes butter and mayonnaise with which the company has made good advertisements, one of which was “bring quality and flavor to your table with mavesa.” These products have a great sale since the public prefers them for their rich flavor and good quality.
  3. Pantene: if you want straight and silky hair, look no further than pantene, it is excellent for keeping your hair healthy.
  4. Camprolac: if you want to have healthy and strong bones, drink camprolac milk, this product has always used children as the protagonists of its advertisements, since these are the first to see the advertisements there was a time when they got images of children in disguise and this made people buy the milk to become the collection.
  5. Always sanitary napkins : this brand of towels has achieved with its advertisements to be one of the most sold. In one of their ads the text said “if you want to sleep well in those days, it always offers you its new anti-spill design” and the image was that of a woman sleeping without any concern.

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