Examples of Adverbs of Time in English

The adverbs in English are the words that modify the verb in the sentence. The adverbs of time in English are those that tell us when the action is carried out.

The adverbs of time in English indicate a period, duration, moment or any data that tells us how and when an action is being carried out. The adverbs of time in English are usually placed at the end of the sentence, even so they can also be located at the beginning of it.

25 Examples of Adverbs of Time in English

  • Now (now)
  • Tomorrow (tomorrow)
  • Yesterday (yesterday)
  • Today (today)
  • On Time (Spot)
  • Soon (soon)
  • Tonight (tonight)
  • Alredy (already)
  • In the morning (morning)
  • In the afternoon (afternoon)
  • In the evening (at night)
  • Again (again)
  • Last (last)
  • Before (before)
  • After (after)
  • Ealier (formerly)
  • Next (later)
  • Finally (finally)
  • Eventually (at the end)
  • Early (early)
  • Late (late)
  • Later (then later)
  • Previously (previously, previously)
  • Afterwards (later)
  • At present (in this moment)

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