Examples of Addresses in English

Addresses are defined as information that is given to locate a site or place and thus know where to go and where to return. It is important that adults teach their children the directions in both Spanish and English.

It is essential that children learn where the city, street, sector, among others, are located. To learn directions in English, you must start with small things like the name of the sector and you can also start from left to right. Today the world is full of technology that allows you to easily locate any place.

10 Examples of Addresses in English

  1. Does the number 35 bus stop outside the train station? Bus 35 stops in front of the train station.
  2. Take a left: Turn left.
  3. Go straight: Go straight .
  4. Walk down this avenue: Walk to the end of the avenue.
  5. You need to take a taxi or catch the bus: You have to take a taxi or the bus.
  6. Make a U-turn: Make a U-turn.
  7. Turn round: Turn around.
  8. Turn le on the church: Turn left at the church.
  9. Go past the ice cream shop and the library: Pass the ice cream shop and the bookstore.
  10. Around the corner: Around the corner.

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