Examples of Active Income

Active income is the money obtained as a direct reward for our work. In other words, it is the salary and payment of commissions that the company, in which we work, issues on our behalf. It also applies to people who have independent jobs and who manage to bill an amount of money to live on it.

The difference between active and passive income is that to obtain the latter it is not necessary to work for 8 hours, whereas active income suggests a greater effort, in which a few hours of the day have to be invested to achieve them.

Examples of Active Income

  1. Monthly salary in a company for working part-time or full-time.
  2. Commissions for sales.
  3. Payment of a service performed to other people.
  4. I pay to sell products made by yourself: cakes, clothes, crafts, accessories, etc.
  5. Commission for serving as an intermediary in negotiations.

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