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Examples of acculturation

What is acculturation?

Acculturation is a term used to refer to the process of adaptation and assimilation of a cultural system of a person or group of people within a community to which it is alien. In this process, a community adopts the customs and traditions of a culture different from its own, this in many cases can represent something positive, although in other cases it can be seen as something negative.

It all depends on the point of view and the way in which the new culture is adopted, especially when this means the integration of a human group in society, allowing a coexistence where peace and harmony prevail above all based on mutual respect , however in the negative aspect can be considered that the loss of identity is something negative for people.

In the history of mankind, acculturation has occurred on many occasions, a very famous case being that of Christopher Columbus discovering America, which caused the indigenous people to take as their own all the cultural expressions that Columbus brought from Spain, including religious beliefs.

Examples of acculturation

  1. African American immigrants to the United States
  2. The indigenous people who adopted the Catholic religion with the arrival of the Spanish in America
  3. A Latino student who decides to study and work in Japan
  4. Learn French and English languages ​​to work on a cruise ship
  5. Syrian refugees seeking to make a new life in European countries
  6. Latinos who decide to work and live in the United States or Europe
  7. Loss of the indigenous ancestral language in America
  8. Use of foreign words in the Spanish language
  9. The formation of colonies as a result of migration in other countries
  10. Change of original accent for a foreign one

A positive aspect of this type of interaction is that a civilization that is behind in technology can learn from another and accelerate its evolution by improving the quality of life of all its members. In this phenomenon certain degrees related to survival are recognized, these are domination, resistance, destruction, modification and adaptation.

Some specialists in the field affirm that there are differences between this interaction when it occurs by a single individual and a group of people; There is also some controversy around this issue, since in many cases a person with origins in another society must learn the customs of which he is, as in the case of a son of immigrants who finds himself in the need to maintain his own traditions but at the same time adopt others, sometimes generating conflict in himself and in his relationship with others.

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