Examples of a birthday letter for my boyfriend

The letters happy birthday for boyfriend used so we can give you our good wishes to that special person with whom we decided to share our stage of courtship. It is a very romantic and appropriate detail, receiving them can be a unique experience, as well as being the best way to make some feelings known without feeling intimidated by being in front of that person.

5 Examples of birthday letters for boyfriend

  •  Sample letter for when they are beginning the relationship


I know that we have been together for a short time as boyfriends, and that we have just begun to really know each other, but I want to wish you have an excellent birthday , along with your friends, family and of course, in my company. I hope it is an unforgettable day, full of good memories and blessings.

These months of dating have been great, by your side I can be myself without fear of feeling judged, and you support me a lot in all the projects that I have planned for the future, and I hope I can continue to do so when they are all completed, and be able to help you with yours.

With love, your girlfriend.

  • Simple Happy Birthday Letter Example for Boyfriend

My dear love:

You have always been a very special person to me, from the moment we met I knew that you would become someone important, and I was not wrong. Today, by this means I want to express all my feelings to you. Although time has passed, I still feel like it was yesterday when you asked me to be part of your life.

Right now I can’t remember many happy moments where you are not present, it is incredible how much love can be felt for someone, and on this special day I want to wish you a very happy birthday , thank you for lighting my life and letting me fill yours with good times and much affection.

He loves you, your girlfriend.

  • Sample letter for the love of your life

My love:

Happy Birthday ! What a special day, and I am so lucky to be able to share it with you. I hope that today more than ever you feel happiness and eager to move on, to be able to continue building our beautiful love story, which has had some difficulties, but we have always managed to move forward.

When we are together there is no limit to how happy I feel, each day is more special than the previous one because we always create happy and fun moments. You make me be a better person, and you make me feel that I am also your complement. I hope that we can continue to celebrate your birthday for many more years, and I ask that our relationship continue to be stable, healthy and respectful.

For the love of my life, of your beloved girlfriend.

  • Sample letter to congratulate your partner

My love:

I am very happy that this important day has finally arrived, and I hope that all my efforts to give you an exceptional birthday will be fruitful. In addition to all the material gifts that you are surely going to receive, I wanted to leave you this little letter, where I tell you all my feelings, which I know very well, but which is difficult for me to tell you in person because of my shyness.

I thank life for having crossed paths with us, for every moment that I spend by your side and for giving you the opportunity to live new and beautiful experiences in this new year that follows. And I hope that you continue to give me the happiness of being with you so that I can wish you a happy birthday for a long, long time.

With love, from your girlfriend.

  • Sample letter for your boyfriend

Dear boyfriend:

I can not believe that time has passed so quickly and you are again on this special day. I want to wish you a very happy birthday , that this new stage is full of great friendships, good times, good health and above all that you manage to fulfill all your goals, which I will help you fulfill if you allow me to continue by your side.

All the moments we spend together are the best memories of my life, you make me very happy, my days are always filled with light when you are present. I love you madly, your strengths and weaknesses, even when you make me angry. I hope I can send you all my feelings in this beautiful letter, my love.

He loves you, your girlfriend.

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