Examples from natural sciences

According to the platform for online consultation of the «tricentennial edition» (23rd) of the Dictionary of the Spanish language , science is “a set of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured from which principles are deduced and general laws with predictive and experimentally verifiable capacity “.

There are three types of sciences : natural , human and social. The former are dedicated to obtaining knowledge and making deductions related to nature.

Depending on its object of study, five different natural sciences can be differentiated:

-Astrology: It deals with astronomical objects (eg galaxies or planetary systems) and celestial bodies (eg planets or stars). The difference between the first and the second is that while the first refers to groups of objects, the other refers only to individual objects.

– Physics: It deals with physical phenomena such as movement, dissolution or freezing.

– Geology: It deals with planet Earth.

– Chemistry: It deals with the structure, properties and composition of matter

– Biology: They deal with living things. This natural science can be divided into different subclasses depending on the living being they study. In this way we find, on the one hand, Botany, which studies plants and, on the other, Zoology, which studies animals. To these subclasses must be added another, which only deals with the structure of living beings: Anatomy.

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