Examples Democracy at School

Democracy in the school is defined as the social value that must be promoted regardless of its consequences, in every institution the democratic culture must be implemented in which all the personnel of the institutions such as teachers, students, workers, staff must be included. administrative.

10 Examples Democracy at School

  1. Elections to elect a spokesperson within the classroom.
  2. Freely choose parents and representatives who assume some kind of responsibility with the school.
  3. The same representatives have the right to give an opinion on some decisions made within the institution.
  4. When a game is going to be played, the same students choose their team.
  5. When carrying out some type of activity, the teacher lets the students volunteer.
  6. School voting. Students vote to choose a class president.
  7. Teachers vote. The teacher can vote for a representative to represent him on the school council.
  8. The participation of the whole family that make up the institution to carry out the act of mothers, fathers, teachers, students and workers all help to organize the events.
  9. When parents together with teachers decide to carry out activities outside of school.
  10. The choice of the student center, which will be representing the school.

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