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Examples Business name of a company

Companies are defined as the organization of people who share objectives in order to obtain mutual benefit.

The companies are created with the aim of forming a productive unit that is dedicated to developing an economic activity with profit motives. Companies are very common today as many professionals seek to create their own company to put their learning into practice. At the same time, it is a good source of employment since, according to the company, it is the number of employees that are needed to do a good job.

10 Examples Business name of a company

  1. Pollos Arturos: fast food restaurant chain.
  2. Seguros occidente: travel insurance company for vehicles.
  3. Madercol: furniture construction company.
  4. Coca-Cola: This is one of the big North American companies.
  5. Telefónica: it is a large transnational company of telephone services.
  6. Santillana: this is a transnational company of textbooks used for education.
  7. Burger King: It is a fast food company and is the second largest.
  8. Tortas ya: is a company dedicated to making any type of cake.
  9. Carmen Brusela: it is a Venezuelan publishing house which is manufacturing its books through recycled material.
  10. Maxi bella: is a mini company that is responsible for transforming used products into new accessories.
  11. The fame of America: it is a company where they make the best coffee in the region.
  12. Niko real estate: it is a company that is dedicated to the construction and remodeling of furniture and any object made of wood.
  13. Granite and marble: company that is dedicated to the elaboration of pieces of these types of stone, they also sell them by the meter for floors and kitchen countertops.
  14. Don Luis Bakery: a company dedicated to making the best bread in the entire region.

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