Example sentences with will in English

Will is an auxiliary verb used in English to express the future in written and spoken sentences. The word will does not change its writing if the future sentence is positive or affirmative; but if it is negative, with any pronoun you write won’t.

Examples of affirmative sentences

The structure of the affirmative sentence is: subject + auxiliary verb (will) + main verb + predicate.

  1. I will help you. I’ll help you
  2. She will make you happy. She will make you happy
  3. He will visit you tomorrow. He will visit you tomorrow
  4. You will be an incredible doctor. You will be an amazing doctor.
  5. Andrés will wait for a couple of hours. Andrés will wait a couple more hours.
  6. We will participate in a dance classes. We will participate in a dance class.
  7. They will buy ice cream tonight. They will buy ice cream tonight.
  8. I will stady other language. I will study another language.
  9. It will be possible just if you try. That will be possible only if you try.
  10. You will be the best mom ever. You will be the best mom in the world.

Examples of negative sentences

If the sentence is negative, write: subject + negative auxiliary verb (won`t) + main verb + predicate

  1. You won`t be able to do it. You will not be able to do it.
  2. Mary won’t talk to you again. Mary will never speak to you again.
  3. I won`t go to your house. I will not go to your house
  4. He won´t play with you this afternoon. He won’t be playing with you this afternoon.
  5. They won´t enjoy it. They will not enjoy it.
  6. You won´t be happy. You will not be happy
  7. She won´t buy the tickets. She will not buy the tickets.
  8. I won´t have time to work this week. I won’t have time to work this week.
  9. It won’t have future. That has no future.
  10. She won´t come to the party. She won’t come to the party.

Examples of interrogative sentences

When the sentence is in the form of a question, it is written: auxiliary verb (will) + subject + main verb + predicate.

  1. Will you marry me? Will you marry me?
  2. Will the event start on time? Will the event start on time ?
  3. Will you be a teacher? Will you be a teacher?
  4. Will Juan marry him? Will Juan marry him?
  5. Will they play soccer? Will they play together?
  6. Will we play basket together? Will we play basketball together?
  7. Will you help me with my car? Will you help me with my car?
  8. Will he buy the magazine? Will he buy the magazine?
  9. Will I take care? I’ll be careful?
  10. Will my mom cook a chocolate cake? Will my mom cook a chocolate cake?

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