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The English language is considered an Anglo-Western language, whose emergence comes from the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of the nation and, gradually, it was spreading to the North that, later, would be known as Scotland.

For its part, modern English has its origin in a Germanic language, which was based on Britain, which had a high relationship with some Anglo-Saxon tribes . The inhabitants of that place communicated in Celtic languages, but the Germanic language managed to impose itself among them and it was this that served as the foundation for the English language.

The English language, in addition, is classified as of West Germanic origin, generated from some Anglo-Frisian dialects from what is now known as Great Britain, from northeast Germany, from the north of the Netherlands and from the south of Denmark.

Old English did not have the same sound as the current one, which allows communication with people from other entities within a technological and globalized world , and this makes the English language one of the most important in terms of its use and language. more extensive in conjunction with the Spanish language.

Using the Why in the English language

The use of why allows to ask any question where the situation warrants it. It is an adverb that has the difference that the use of why in English and the use of because is different from Spanish in terms of the answer.

It can be used as a question, in direct or indirect questions. Why tends to be used when a reason or motive is required to be indicated. In the case of because it is a conjunction that is used to explain the cause of the statement.

It is a literal translation of the conjunction, where it is generally used to answer questions that begin with why.

Example sentences with why

  1. Why do you want the key? (Why do you want the key?)

Because, I want open to door

  1. Why are they washing the plates? (Why are they doing the dishes?)

Because, make them clean

  1. Why does he want the milk? (Why does he want the milk?)

Because, he make the coffee

  1. Why am I always so tired? (Why am I always so tired?

Because, I always work everyday (Why always work every day )

  1. Why do I always have a Hangover? (Why am I always hungover?)

Because, I drink came in the night

  1. Why did not you get my cigarettes? (Why didn’t you buy my cirgarrillos?)

Because, they are too expensive

  1. Why did not you tell me? (Why didn’t you call me?)

Because, I had no balance on the pone (because I had no balance on the phone)

  1. Why does not Mary like me? (Why doesn’t Mary like me?)

Because, she does like you

  1. Why do not they help me them? (Why don’t you help me?)

Because, they help you occasionally

  1.  Why are they waiting here? (Why are they waiting here?)

Because, get on the bus

  1. Why take it then? (Why take it then?)

Because, If I take it won not rain

  1. Why is he selling it? (Why do you sell it?)

Because, I need money now (because I need money now)

  1. Why you arrive very late? (Why are you so late?)

Because, I am stay in the center

  1. Why do you cry? (Why are you crying?)

Because, I am very sad (because I am very sad )

  1. Why are not you? (Why isn’t it you?)

Because, you throw us off

  1. Why was he late? (Why was he late?)

Because, He had five excuses (Because I had five excuses)

  1. Why do you go on wearing them? (Why do you keep using them?)

Because, I like

  1. Why were not you? (Because you were not there?)

Because, I were not listening behind the door

  1. Why will it take so few? (Why will so few be needed?)

Because, I am a good

  1. Why is not she? (Why isn’t she?)

Because, she is not feling well

  1. Why are you studying? (Because I’m studying?)

Because, I want to learn every day

  1. Why should we? (Why should we?)

Because, she has us dinner

  1. Why would not you? (Why wouldn’t you?)

Because, It would have been too much trouble

  1. Why did not you get? (Why didn’t you get it?)

Because, do not try

  1. Why did not you phone? (Why didn’t you call?)

Because, I could not call

  1. Why did you leave a message? (Why did you leave a message?)

Because, it was an urgent message.

  1. Why is not she trying? (Why isn’t he trying?)

Because, She is very tired

  1. Why do you dislike working on Saturdays? (Why don’t you like to work on Saturdays?)

Because, it is weekend

  1. Why did you pay attention? (Why didn’t you pay attention?)

Because, I did not undertand (Because I did not understand)

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