Example sentences with There was

Similar to the present simple, “there was” is used when it accompanies a noun that is countable or uncountable in the singular, unlike “There were” that is used with countable nouns in the plural.

It is important to consider that both “There was” and “There were” do not have the possibility of contracting them in the affirmative way . They are formed with the past tense of the verb to be , either singular or plural, as appropriate.

In addition, “there was” is translated as “had” as well as “there were”, they only differ in that there was is used in the singular and there were in the plural.

If you want to use the there was in the negative, this is formed by placing the past tense of the verb to be in the negative form. As for example: there was not or there wans´t.

Example sentences with There was

  1. There was a red chair in my friend Pedro’s room
  2. There was a man inside a white car that was going down the «Francisco Fajardo» highway listening to loud music.
  3. There was a vase in store That was an artistic work That Because of ITS design and color (there was a vase in that store that was all artistic work, by its design and colorful)
  4. There was a line at the service station because the gasoline store had not arrived
  5. There was a man named popeye who stars in a comic that Miguel Ángel liked.
  6. There was a blonde girl in Maribel’s house, very beautiful and naughty, who smiled with everyone present.
  7. There was a shoe store in the center of Caracas where they sell at good prices.
  8. There was a club in the urbanization «Los Cortijos» where he always used to ride a horse (There was a club in the urbanization «Los Cortijos» where he always used to ride a horse)
  9. There was a bench in the «Parque del Este» where I always sat to listen to the song of the birds that alighted on the boat. that perched on the boat)
  10. There was a hotel on the main avenue of Cartagena that had a gothic design in front of the beach.
  11. There was a doctor in the hospital who treated the sick who came to the place very ethically.
  12. There was a receptionist in the company Because she was always late (was a receptionist at the company who was always late)
  13. There was a mirror in the wax museum where you could see yourself fat or thin according to your preference ( There was a mirror in the wax museum where you could see yourself fat or thin according to your preference)
  14. There was a painting in the Prado Museum that was ecstatic due to the showiness of colors.
  15. There was an actor who starred in the role of Chespirito, who died last year
  16. There was a hive of wasps in the tree of my house, we had to fumigate to achieve their extermination.
  17. There was a sign on the way to the hacienda that indicated the remaining mileage to get there.
  18. There was a mink coat in the store that I loved, I did not buy it because of lack of money.
  19. There was a caged tiger in the Pinar Zoo That had a penetrating gaze That scared visitors (there was a caged tiger in the zoo of the Pinar who had a penetrating gaze that frightened visitors)
  20. There was a bumpy gandola on the road

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