Example sentences with on in English

English is the first universal language and there are some rules in its structure that we must consider in order to learn to construct sentences for ourselves. In this case, we are going to clarify some doubts and point out some examples of sentences with on in English.

Prepositions are essential to construct a sentence, since it serves as a link between pronouns, nouns and expressions. The preposition on is one of the most common in English grammar and, in fact, many people have doubts about on . That is why we will explain to you when you should use it.

When to use the preposition on ?

This preposition is highly variable, and can be used as a preposition of mode, place and time, so its meaning is altered according to the context of the sentence.

Let’s see here some examples of this explanation:

  • Preposition of mode and place: Your computer is on and your book is on the table. (Your computer is on and your book is on the table)
  • Preposition of time: You always do your homework on Saturday’s. (You always do your homework on Saturdays)

It can mean over, on and on. It is used to refer to places with surfaces, they can be streets and it is even used when one object is on another.

On is also used to refer to electronic media , such as YouTube, the Internet , the telephone, among others.

30 Example sentences with on in English

Next, we will point to the preposition in the sentence in English. You may notice in the translation, that in some cases its meaning in Spanish is omitted, however, its function in English is that of connection.

  1. On the roof. ( On the roof.)
  2. I was on the bus when you phoned. (I was on the bus when you called.)
  3. I’m going to Berlin on the bus. (I’m going to Berlin on the bus.)
  4. This movie is based on a true story. (This movie is based on a true story.)
  5. I like going to the mall on (I like going to the mall ‘s Friday.)
  6. The pary is on September 23rd. (The party is on September 23.)
  7. The meeting is on September 21st. (The meeting is September 21st.)
  8. I will go to the office on Tuesday morning. (I’ll go to the office on Tuesday morning.)
  9. Brian will carry the family business on when his father retires. (Brian will continue with the family business when his father retires.)
  10. We always have lunch at my parents’ on Christmas Day. (We always eat at my parents’ house on Christmas Day.)
  11. We saw her on Christmas Day. (We saw her on Christmas Day .)
  12. They were at the mall on (They were at the mall on Tuesday.)
  13. The shop always closes on Sunday afternoon. (The business is always closed on Sunday afternoon.)
  14. I go to the mall on Saturday afternoon. (I go to the mall on Saturday afternoons.)
  15. Classes start on (Classes begin on Saturday.)
  16. She’s going to Denmark on (She’s going to Denmark on vacation .)
  17. The class is on January 18th. (Class is January 18.)
  18. Sofia will carry the family business on next month. (Sofia will continue with the family business the next month.)
  19. The storm brought on broken Windows and doors in the city. (The storm caused broken windows and doors in the city.)
  20. The game will be on Saturday morning. (The game will be on Saturday morning.)
  21. They got married on March 15th. (They were married on March 15th.)
  22. I go to the gym on Tuesday mornings. (I go to the gym on Tuesday mornings.)
  23. This book is based on a true story. (This book is based on a true story .)
  24. I will go to the house on Monday morning. (I’ll go home on Monday morning .)
  25. We saw him on New Year’s Day. (We saw it on New Years Day.)
  26. On the desk. ( On the desk.)
  27. You’ll meet him on my birthday. (You are going to meet him on my birthday.)
  28. They Were at the park on (They were in the park on Saturday.)
  29. On the floor. ( On the floor.)
  30. The exam is on May 23rd. (The exam is May 23.)
  31. Let’s meet on Friday.
  32. He’s going to Spain on (He goes to Spain on vacation.)
  33. The thing is on April 15th. (The thing is April 15.)
  34. The storm brought on broken Windows in the neighborhood. (The storm caused broken windows in the neighborhood)
  35. I will go to the

    Example sentences with on in English

    school on Thursday morning. (I will go to school on Thursday morning.)

  36. Classes start on (Classes begin on Monday.)
  37. On the table. ( On the table.)
  38. The game will be on Sunday afternoon. (The game will be on Sunday afternoon.)

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