Example sentences with could in English

Some Germanic tribes gave rise to the English language. Many words in Latin were used to give names to common objects, managing to enter the lexicon of these Germans , to later expand towards Great Britain.

For their part, the Romans also contributed words to English that they had copied from other languages. Certain German troops called the Coast Saxons , served in Britain, managing to establish themselves according to the Anglo- Saxon Chronicle .

The Anglo-Saxons settled in some lands in the south of England , and although it sounds legendary, it is said that they gave the name to the Anglo-Saxon language. The English language had a lot of influences, its roots come from scattered dialects, which were later unified through grammar.

The Christianity brought Latin and Greek words in the English language , hence the amount of mixing of languages and cultures that merged to give rise to modern English, which currently is one of the languages most recognized, expanded and spoken universally.

Use of could in the English language

The auxiliary verb could is used to express permission , to make suggestions in the present tense or to express some possibility. Likewise, it is also used to evoke some skill from the past, it will always be followed by a verb and it can also be used in a negative way .

Differences between can and could in English grammar

The verbs could and can have the characteristic that they can be used to express possibility, ability or simply to make a request. Both exercise the function of auxiliary verbs, preceding the main verb of the sentence, since they tend to condition it.

The verb can is used to say something , or to highlight some quality of someone relating it to the ability they have for its execution. Like for example, She can sing (She can sing). Also, it is used to ask for permission.

For its part, the verb could is used to show that something is possible , or to express the probability that something will happen. For example: It could be nice. Also, with could you can ask permission in a very polite way. For example: Could you help me.

Likewise, its use can be made as the past tense of the verb can, if we refer to some ability that we had or that someone had. For example: When I was a student, I could study every night (When I was a student, I could study all night).

Example sentences with could in English

  1. could sing operetta in the theater when I was twenty
  2. Marlene Could come on Saturday, if the meeting she has in her office was suspended (Marlene could come on Saturday , if the meeting you have in your office was suspended)
  3. We could get to the university walking if we couldn’t find ground transportation
  4. Julieta could find a job if there were vacancies in the company that is close to her home.
  5. could talk to the dentist about my dental problem, which has been getting worse lately.
  6. Ana Maria could hold her celebration if the party room in her building was available
  7. Simon Andres could come on Saturday from Valencia if he had enough gasoline in his car (Simón Andrés could come on Saturday from Valencia if he had enough gasoline in his car)
  8. We could form a ballet team if we had the right clothes
  9. They could pass the subject if they studied hard enough every day
  10. could perfect my English language if I had an academy near the city where I live
  11. Tomorrow my cousin Amalia could come to make me the dress she promised me, to wear it in Lucia’s fifteen years
  12. My city could look more beautiful if trees and lanterns were placed in its main squares
  13. could take the photos if I bought the batteries from the camera.

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