Example sentences with a lot of

In English, it is easy to confuse some quantifiers, such as: many, much and the quantifier a lot of , which is what we will talk about today. That is why we will explain how to use it and we will give you examples of sentences with a lot of , which will help you avoid future mistakes.

It is understandable to have some confusion, as the three quantifiers we mentioned mean: a lot or a lot.

And not only that, but a lot of is used in countable and uncountable nouns ( countable or uncontable nouns ), so it is also confusing since much is used for uncountable nouns ( uncountable nouns ) and many for countable nouns ( countable nouns ).

Identify sentences with a lot of

lot of is a term with a variant that is used informally : lots of . Both terms are mostly used to express large quantities in affirmative sentences, since the use of much is customary for negative and interrogative sentences with uncountable nouns; while many , for negative and interrogative sentences with countable nouns.

You should consider that a lot of is not used in the following cases:

  • In formal contexts, such as academic writing, where much and many are preferable .
  • With expressions of time, such as minutes, days, weeks, months, years, … even if they are affirmative sentences.

On the other hand, it is possible to add to the structure of a negative or interrogative sentence, the term a lot of in an informal conversation, it seems confusing, but with the practice of reading and writing you will know how to identify the moment of its use. Therefore, we have for you the following examples.

40 Sample sentences with a lot of

  1. I’ve made a lot of friends while I was traveling around Europe. (I made a lot of friends while traveling in Europe.)
  2. A lot of water is wasted. ( Much water is wasted.)
  3. A lot of people went to the game. ( Many people went to the game)
  4. There is a lot of flour in the bowl. (There is a lot of flour in the bowl.)
  5. The telephone rang a lot of times, but no one answered. (The phone rang many times, but no one answered.)
  6. He watches a lot of (He watches many movies.)
  7. A lot of snow falls in Winter. (In winter it falls a lot )
  8. There were a lot of people at the party. (There were a lot of people at the party.)
  9. We’ve got lots of things to do. (We have many things to do.)
  10. Have you eaten lots of chocolate? (¿Has comido mucho chocolate?)
  11. There are a lot of cars in the world. (Hay muchos carros en el mundo.)
  12. There are a lot of students in my class. (Hay muchos estudiantes en mi clase.)
  13. Do you have a lot of money? (¿Tienes mucho dinero?)
  14. Did a lot of people go to the game? (¿Fue mucha gente al juego?)
  15. Are there a lot of people in the room? (¿Hay muchas personas en el cuarto?)
  16. Do you watch a lot of films? (¿Tú miras muchas películas?)
  17. There was a lot of rain last week. (Hubo mucha lluvia la semana pasada.)
  18. That’s a lot of (Eso es mucho dinero.)
  19. Lawyers have a lot of (Los abogados tienen mucho dinero.)
  20. I spend a lot of time studying Math. (Yo paso mucho tiempo estudiando matemáticas.)
  21. I don’t like a lot of salt in my food. (No me gusta mucha sal en mi comida.)
  22. I had a lot work after we moved into a bigger office. (Tuve mucho trabajo después de que nos mudamos a una oficina más grande.)
  23. Civil engineers have a lot of work to do. (Los ingenieros civiles tienen mucho trabajo que hacer.)
  24. He needs a lot of water to fill the bucket. (Él necesita mucha agua para llenar el balde).
  25. There is a lot of (Hay mucho ruido.)
  26. There weren’t a lot of (No había muchas opciones.)
  27. You and he have a lot of things in common. (Tú y él tienen muchas cosas en común.)
  28. There was a lot of (Hay mucha comida.)
  29. She has lots of books in her shelves. (Ella tiene muchos libros en su estantería.)
  30. She needs a lot of time to finish her homework. (Ella necesita mucho tiempo para terminar su tarea.)
  31. There was a lot of (Hay mucho espacio.)
  32. I don’t have a lot of (No tenemos mucho tiempo.)
  33. They have a lot of friends in Germany. (Ellos tienen muchos amigos en Alemania.)
  34. I had a lot of (Tengo mucho trabajo.)
  35. There were lots of people waiting for the concert yesterday. (Había mucha gente esperando el concierto de ayer.)
  36. You drink coffee with a lot of (Tú bebes café con mucha azúcar.)
  37. We have a lot of (Nosotros tenemos mucho trabajo.)
  38. Are there a lot of good players at your tennis club? (¿Hay muchos jugadores buenos en tu club de tenis?)
  39. The lawyer has a lot of (El abogado tiene muchos clientes.)
  40. A lot of computers are needed at schools. (Se necesitan muchas computadoras en las escuelas.)

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