Example sentences with a few

The English comes from western Germany, where they originated dialects that were brought to Britain by some Germanic invaders who came from the northwest of Germany, the Netherlands and southern Denmark.

The Old English is made some Anglo – Saxon kingdoms of England and the English language was heavily influenced by waves invasive, as the Scandinavian branch were colonized and conquered Britain.

These movements caused English to merge with other languages , including Latin, French and the Roman language. The dialects spoken by the Anglo-Saxons were part of Old English, which was later perfected in pronunciation and grammar until it reached what it is today.

It is important to note that the word “Anglo-Saxon” used to describe the hodgepodge of cultures and languages , has a modern connotation. The Norman influence gave rise to what is now known as Middle English, this led to the formation of modern English, where there was an evolution at the linguistic level of English.

The modernity of English, was standardized starting from the London dialect, the language continued its process, adopting foreign words and establishing mixtures between Latin and Greek .

Use of the a few in the English language

The term a few has membership with the so-called quantifiers in English , they are terms or phrases that refer to a quantity or number. Its location will always be before a noun, since the quantifier is in charge of highlighting the reference to the quantity of the name.

The a few is a common expression , which is used a lot in basic notions of the English language, trying to find a written or oral expression that allows to defend oneself in the use of the language.

Way to differentiate a little, a lot and a few

In order to differentiate these 3 expressions, it is important to know very well the meaning they have. In the case “a lot” this means a lot or a lot, the opposite of “a Little” and “a few” that mean little , although their use is indistinct.

They differ by their use, the phrase “a lot” is used in informal English and in singular and plural sentences. On the other hand, “a Little” and “a few” differ in their use since it depends on the noun they accompany .

“A Little” is used with uncountable nouns, such as: sugar, milk. ” A few” is the companion of countable nouns , such as: boxes of milk and spoons of sugar, minutes.

Example sentences with a few

  1. I have a few books in my room
  2. I ran a few kilometers in the marathon
  3. Pedro learned a few lessons during English class
  4. We are a few minutes from Barajas airport (We are a few minutes from Barajas airport)
  5. They write a few sentences expressing their joy
  6. Betania danced for a few hours at the music academy in the city of Barcelona ( Betania danced for a few hours at the music academy that is in the city of Barcelona)
  7. José Luis sang a few songs in English and the rest in Spanish during the concert (José Luis sang a few songs in English and the rest in Spanish during the concert)
  8. Enrique has a few friends at school with whom he does his math homework.
  9. I have a few wishes to finish my English thesis in October
  10. My family and I will go a few days on vacation to the beach to rest
  11. Here are a few cinemas showing recent movies that I would like to see with my brother Andrés
  12. Juan José has a few pairs of shoes in the closet of his room that he has not used since the quarantine.
  13. Carlos brought a few bricks to repair the wall that was broken by the effects of the water.
  14. Arcadio wrote a few verses about poetry that he was asked to do at university.

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