Example of Television and Radio Ads

The advertising is a form of communication or dissemination of a message designed that is transmitted through the media traditional, especially television and radio. Even though it is believed that the propaganda is exclusively for the dissemination of political campaigns, the purpose of the same is much broader and includes content of all kinds.

The propaganda television and radio seeks to impact on public opinion, it does not have a commercial purpose, because as we mentioned, not looking to sell a product. Television and radio propaganda is broadcast to transmit messages with some informative, educational or awareness content.

The propaganda television and radio is persuasive, it seeks to modify behavior, increased or changing ideologies followers.

10 Example of Television and Radio Ads

  1. Nationalist propaganda: They are designed with content that seeks to persuade the population to create a sense of belonging to their country.
  2. Political propaganda: It seeks to create the connection between the population and a specific candidate running for a popularly elected office.
  3. Health propaganda: Through the design of this message, an attempt is made to make the population aware of an issue that affects the health of the community. They are generally designed when a malaria or other disease outbreak occurs.
  4. Educational propaganda: They are designed to provide educational content to the population, it tries to create patterns of behavior associated with learning good manners .
  5. Ecological propaganda: Through this means the participation of people is promoted to collaborate in the recycling of objects and the conservation of the environment .
  6. Corporate propaganda: This type of message is transmitted by companies or organizations, they have the purpose of spreading the social activities that they develop in society .
  7. Preventive propaganda: The type of message implemented in this transmission is through awareness.
  8. Creative propaganda: The purpose of this message is not to sell a product, but to generate a kind of guerrilla advertising in public spaces.
  9. Network propaganda: Implementation of short messages, but with strong content, disseminated through social networks.
  10. Environmental propaganda: Promotes citizen participation to take care of the environment.

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