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The word “usually”, due to its direct translation from English to Spanish, means “usually”, therefore, it is an adverb of frequency in English, it means that it is widely used in sentences to denote affirmation, even if it is in the form of a question. In the examples in this article, you will identify sentences with usually .

When to use the adverb usually?

Before mentioning the examples, you should know that usually has a synonym in English which is, normally; so your Spanish translation would normally be. These words are used for the same indicative of everyday life, or to say that something is constant.

Let’s look at an example of a constant event; ” Usually the pool is cleaned every week / usually the pool is cleaned every week.”

Here we see how in the sentence usually is used to indicate the constancy of an action that has been carried out for a long period of time and will continue to be carried out.

30 Example sentences with the word usually

In the following sentences in English we will use the word usually that will be marked in bold . In addition, the sentences will have their correct translation, also marking their word in Spanish in bold .

  1. Usually they visit their brother on November. ( Usually they visit their brother in November).
  2. They don’t usually eat in the cafeteria. (They don’t usually eat in the cafeteria ).
  3. I don’t usually play the guitar on Fridays. (I don’t usually play guitar on Fridays).
  4. usually go to the park every week. (I usually go to the park every week).
  5. usually eat cereal in my breakfast. (I usually eat cereal with my breakfast).
  6. They go to eat pizza usually . ( They usually go to eat pizza ).
  7. Usually people go to the gym to train. ( Usually people go to the gym to train).
  8. Do you usually study English with your brother? (Do you usually study English with your brother?).
  9. Do you usually think about me? (Do you usually think of me ?)
  10. Yes, I do. I usually think about you. (Yes. I usually think of you).
  11. Does your boyfriend usually bring you flowers? (Does your boyfriend usually give you flowers?)
  12. He never brings me flowers. He usually brings me chocolates. (No. He never gives me flowers. He usually gives me chocolates).
  13. They usually come on fridays. (They usually come on Fridays).
  14. They usually go shopping for clothes every week. (They usually go shopping for clothes every week).
  15. My brother usually goes on a trip. (My brother usually goes on a trip).
  16. Usually he is always happy all the time. ( Usually he is always happy all the time).
  17. The cat usually scratches that doll. (The cat usually scratches that doll.)
  18. Usually he plays the drums loud. ( Usually he plays the drums loudly).
  19. Usually young women don’t go through that lonely place. ( Usually young women do not go through such a lonely place).
  20. Those young people usually practice on the soccer field. (Those young people usually practice on the soccer field.)
  21. You have to go to the dentist usually . (You have to go to the dentist usually ).
  22. I’m usually not hungry at seven. ( I’m not usually hungry at seven).
  23. Usually the best instrumentalist on the continent. (He is usually the best instrumentalist on the continent).
  24. She usually cooks arepas for breakfast. (She usually cooks arepas for breakfast.)
  25. Those people usually sit there and listen to rock on that bench. (Those people usually sit there and listen to rock on that stool.)
  26. She carries the melody and I usually carry the rhythm of the song. (She carries the melody and I usually carry the rhythm of the song).
  27. Have you been going to the bathroom usually after getting up? (Have you usually gone to the bathroom after getting up?)
  28. Desktop computers usually need a lot of power to run. ( Usually the computers table need a lot of energy to operate).
  29. Have you usually had visits home on Fridays? (Have you usually had visits home on Fridays?).
  30. Yes, I usually get social security visits on Fridays. (Yes, I usually get social security visits on Fridays.)
  31. She usually reads everything on Sunday afternoons in the park. (She usually reads everything on Sunday afternoons in the park.)
  32. Have you usually gone to dance rehearsal? (Have you usually been to dance rehearsal?).
  33. Exactly, we usually go to dance rehearsal on Fridays. (Exactly, we usually go to dance rehearsal on Fridays).
  34. Does he usually not go home on Sundays? (Does n’t he usually go home on Sundays?)
  35. No, he usually goes to church every Sunday. (No, he usually goes to church every Sunday).
  36. Are you not the type of person who usually frequents those places? Truth? (You’re not the type of person who usually frequents those places? Right?).
  37. No, I’m the type of person who usually stays home to eat cookies while watching a movie. (No, I’m the type of person who usually stays at home for cookies while watching a movie .)
  38. Do you usually paint portraits of people live or do they give you a photo? ( Usually you usually paint portraits people live or give you a picture?).

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