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Example of sentences with synonyms

We use words that are written differently but have the same or similar meaning so that when speaking or writing what we want to express is not so repetitive, it is about synonyms , for example, ball or ball, they refer to the same thing and one can perfectly replace the other without changing the meaning of the sentence, here we will give some examples of words with synonyms .

Synonyms provide versatility to our expressions without changing the context , let’s see some examples of synonymous words to better understand the concept:

  • Pretty, pretty
  • Auto car
  • Weird strange
  • School , college
  • Pupil, student
  • Expensive
  • Giant, huge
  • Cute pretty
  • Beautiful pretty
  • Calm, stillness

Examples of sentences with synonyms

  1. She wore a beautiful dress at the party . She showed splendid that night.
  2. The boys’ ball fell out of bounds. The ball reached the stands.
  3. Let’s be honest when responding. By being frank we can hurt others.
  4. We will appreciate that you arrive on time. It is important to value the effort of others.
  5. The advantages of having good friends are invaluable. We will take advantage of the offers of the day.
  6. When I got into his car I noticed that it was full of things. The buggy car sped off.
  7. I will copy the class of your notebook of notes . I bought a notebook that will help me keep some notes .
  8. I disagree with Darwin’s theory of evolution. The hypothesis raised in the research work was not accepted.
  9. The student union calls elections. Union members are proposing new contractual clauses.
  10. That car seemed a bit expensive to me . The price is expensive for my budget.
  11. It is very good to follow the advice of a sage . The knowledge of that man made him a scholar .
  12. He stood there, waiting in the stillness of the night. Soft music soothes all your senses.
  13. His face showed his regret upon hearing the news. When he received the gift he was waiting for, his face lit up.
  14. It is the richest cake I have ever eaten. Will you give me the recipe for the cake ?
  15. The brotherhood could not parade this year. The members of the brotherhood hope to be recognized for their work.
  16. It is the cry of the people. It was the moment of his departure and his desperate lament was heard .
  17. We can see the wild lion in its natural habitat. His rugged character comes to the surface when he sees him.
  18. All the information collected has let you know on the subject. His knowledge is demonstrated through his work.
  19. The exercises he did in the gym left him very tired . He came home exhausted .
  20. His sarcasm is unbearable. He speaks with a lot of irony .

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