Example of sentences with it

Sentences with it in English

It is very common to mistake it; The main reason is that in Spanish we do not have an indefinite pronoun like this, since the subject can be omitted and by conjugating the verbs we can know who performs the action, the process or the attribute that is described. In this article we will give you a brief outline of the use of it in English :

It is the neutral third person singular pronoun in English that is used to refer to objects, distances, questions, expressions, etc. These are some of the uses of it:

  • When talking about things, colors, objects that are understood, it is used as a subject and can replace the noun. Example: it’s a great house.
  • When you talk about animals. Example: it flew away. (It must be taken into account that the pronoun it is used in animals when they are not their own, otherwise she or he is used depending on the sex of the animal).
  • To refer to meteorological phenomena. Example: it’s snowing.
  • To tell the time. Example: it’s seven o’clock.
  • If talking about places or distance. Example: it’s a wonderfull country; it’s noisy.

The plural of it is they and it’s is just the contraction of it is. It is important to bear in mind that it’s more often than it is in spontaneous conversation.

Examples of how to use this pronoun in sentences

Below you will find several sentences with it so that you can learn to use it:

  • It is a big hat.
  • It is a crocodile.
  • Do you can eat it for me, please? I don’t like it (Can you eat it for me, please? I don’t like it ).
  • It was cold yesterday.
  • It ‘s rainig very hard.
  • John, drink it all, it ‘s for your health.
  • It ‘s not easy to accept her apologies.
  • It ‘s easy to speak English.
  • Sunday was really fun, i loved it. (Sunday was really fun, I loved it).
  • It is your house? (It is your house?).
  • It is difficult to explain.
  • Would it be a probelm? (Could it be a problem?)
  • It will be pleasant spend that day with you.
  • It ’s my birthday.
  • Math isn’t for me, i hate it .
  • It was dangerous to cross the road there.
  • It is difficult to pass the test without studying.

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