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Example of optimistic phrases


Optimism is a word or term that refers to the attitude of judging things from a positive or more favorable perspective. The word optimism comes from the Latin “optimuus” which means “very good” or “very good”.

This term was created by the German philosopher Leibniz, and became known by the philosopher and writer Voltaire in the work “candide ou l’ optimisme ” in 1759. Optimism is an attitude that gives the possibility of positively evaluating each moment As a result, this allows the individual to face circumstances with courage and perseverance.

In this order of ideas, there are various kinds of optimism , such as:

  • Intelligent optimism , related to the proactive , because it is based on working for what is not going well, and keeping what is going well.
  • Illusory optimism goes hand in hand with the individual’s reasoning about future events. Most people have the belief that their peers have less chance of negative events happening to them, but great possibilities in reference to positive events.
  • Anthropological optimism , arises in the Renaissance, as a sample of opposition to the Augustinian theses, indicates that the individual is at the same distance between good and evil, and for that reason that he has the freedom to choose between one and the other.
  • Pedagogical optimism , fixes its attention on education as an engine of change in the social and the individual.

In the area of philosophy , optimism is considered a philosophical system that lies in attributing the highest perfection to the universe, as the work of an infinitely perfect being. On the other hand, the optimistic term indicates all those human beings who in most cases tend to see things in their most positive aspect.

The synonyms of optimism are: tranquility, confidence, certainty, security, conviction, etc.

Types of optimism

  1. Optimism as a value: it refers to a positive attitude that the human being chooses before a problem that he is going through at a certain decisive moment in his life.

Optimistic people are full of security, conviction, ability , and in turn transmit tranquility, thanks to the fact that they always observe the positive side of things, act in search of the solution to the problem.

Optimism is linked to the hope that each individual has in each situation of their life, in order to face the bad things in life, in a positive way, dedicating all the effort and energy to overcome all the obstacles that arise in the path with in order to reach your goal.

  1. Optimism in psychology: in the field of psychology, optimism is the attitude that the individual acquires, which helps to face difficulties with perseverance and good spirit, discovering the positive side of people and circumstances.
  2. Optimism and pessimism: the opposite part of optimism is pessimism, but both are 2 types of attitudes that the person chooses towards life.

The pessimist is distinguished by observing things from a negative perspective of the situation, and with the strong certainty that it will get worse, without looking for another possible solution to overcome this bad moment. As such, pessimism does not give the individual the possibility to make an effort to resolve the conflict.

According to this, the pessimist is observed as a person who complicates the lives of the people around him , not only because of his attitude of taking into account only one side of things, and that his destiny is the inevitable failure, but because he does not accept help from his environment, since he chooses to spend his days lamenting and complaining about what happened.

Example of optimistic phrases

  1. You can do it
  2. You are very intelligent and I know that you are capable of that and more.
  3. Always fight for what you want.
  4. Live your present without looking at the past.
  5. Always look for the positive side of things.
  6. Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power (William James)
  7. A pessimist sees difficulty at every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty (Winston S. Churchill)
  8. Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination, always consider alternatives and dare to believe that what others think is impossible can be made possible (Rodolfo Costa)
  9. My mistakes were seed
  10. Where one door closes, a thousand open.

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