Example of expert report

When a crime occurs or any type of event that will be processed at the judicial level, a series of tests must be presented that will be taken into account by the judge and the jury that will determine the final verdict.

This evidence is collected by police and investigation personnel in the presence of a judicial expert , and it is the latter who organizes, evaluates and summarizes it in a report. This document is known as an expert report.

What is an expert report?

It is a written document in which, through the scientific method, a clear and precise explanation of the collection of evidence is reflected. Conclusions are also presented that will give rise to the hypotheses that may arise.

Experts must delimit the report to be part of an objective, based on the evidence collected. It must explain how the evidence was obtained and the entire process carried out to clarify the facts.

The writing of this report must be suitable so that any person who is not an expert in the field can understand all the circumstances.

Parts of the expert report

  • Presentation (optional). A brief summary of the circumstance is made.
  • Object of the expertise. It is a boundary that describes the content (what it will show) that that report will have.
  • Raised elements. It is a description of each of the tests or situations related to the investigation process.
  • Operations carried out. The expert must explain how the data collection was carried out and all the methods used to reach a conclusion, from its theoretical to practical foundations. Here it should be very specific and technical.
  • Conclusion . Finally, the expert must present his conclusions about what he was able to notice after an impartial analysis of the evidence.

In addition to all of the above, it may be necessary for the report to have several attached documents, which will give greater weight to the criteria presented by the expert.

Example of expert report



CASE UVE: 00367.


Name and Surname: Aleida Noco Maza.

Date of Birth: March 1, 1999.

Place of Birth: Beni.

Age: 13 years old.

Degree of Education: 1st. Middle, EU: “Don Bosco”, Afternoon shift.

Address: Barrio “El Retoño” Urb. Bella Brisa.

Crime Typology: Aggravated Rape.

Report Date: July 5, 2012.


This report is prepared, complying with the requirement issued by Dr.… .., Prosecutor of the matter. Who requests is made:

  • Social investigation.
  • Investigate and determine the social, family and economic environment of the victim.

III.- HISTORY … see more …

Osben Silaypi and Jesús Noco asked him if they knew anything. Osben said he didn’t know anything. The next day they asked her what she was going to do with her son and she told her to go to the defender’s office to carry out the investigations and she cried. Her sister-in-law told her that she could help her with her son.

She said it was Osben, who had not warned out of fear, the same one who threatened to kill her after being imprisoned, and told her that when he killed Fatima, his wife and children, it was at home. And they went twice and in the other previous house because they moved.

The first time was at the Beni, when he went on vacation and called her to give her a ticket, last year in September, when it was her parents’ birthday. Mr. Osben lived there in the house of his in-laws, then he said that he wanted to live there and came and again had abused her, tied her up and put her in the bathroom.

Once he could not walk and that way they were suspicious.

Then they called his sister … .. and told his family everything.


Currently faced with the situation, the adolescent Aleida Noco Maza, presents notable emotional changes, in addition to showing her low self-esteem.

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