Example of Emails

E-mail is defined as the program that provides a service through which messages can be exchanged with any type of information , photographs, videos and audios, among others, can be easily shared.

The emails will enable way to send and receive information regardless of distance.

20 Examples of Emails

  1. Terra mail.
  2. Yahoo!
  4. Hotmail.
  5. Gmail.
  6. Latinmail.
  7. Doomail.
  8. Outlook.
  9. Shortmail.
  10. Fastmail.
  11. Fidelity.
  12. Microsoft.
  13. Facebook.
  14. Banf of America.
  15. PayPal.
  16. Google.
  17. Aol.
  18. Cloudmark.
  19. Agari.
  20. Return Path.

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