Example of Companies


They are controlled and structured organizations of human beings . This is the most prevalent form of employment worldwide.

Its magnitude is determined by the number of employees you have.

They can be large companies : their number of employees is usually below 20 or 30 employees, these together with medium-sized companies are the most numerous companies that exist.

The medium – sized enterprises range from 20 to 200 employees.

Large companies : they have more than 200 employees . Large transnational companies can house more than a million employees globally.

Examples of companies.

Small companies

  1. Editorial Fine Wood. Venezuelan independent publisher.
  2. Eloísa cartonera. Independent Argentine publisher that produces its books with recyclable materials.
  3. Nelson Garrido Organization (NGO) performs photographic and artistic education services, located in Buenos Aires and Caracas.
  4. Insar real estate. Dedicated to construction and real estate, furniture. Located in Mexico.
  5. Dakkar car Rental. Located in cuarazao, it is a vehicle rental company.
  6. Social network of events, from the Canary Islands.
  7. Magic Balloon clothing company. Company that works independently of the textile and internet sales sector located in Venezuela.
  8. com. Spanish web security services companies.
  9. Company of North American origin of concrete finishing.
  10. Sandwich payamps. Cafeteria located in the Dominican Republic.

Medium companies

  1. Arturo´s. chain of fried chicken restaurants in venezuela.
  2. Construcciones Amenabar, SA Construction company of Spanish origin, is in the top 50 of successful medium-sized companies in the country.
  3. Zanzini Moveis. Brazilian manufacturer specialized in furniture.
  4. LNG Mussels. Company of Chilean origin dedicated to the field of energy production.
  5. East Insurance. Company from Ecuador of road and passport insurance.
  6. English culture BH. Brazilian company specialized in professional training in the English language.
  7. Alsus it groups SAS company originally from Colombia, dedicated to computer systems and technology.
  8. Telsec, SA consulting, teaching and outsourcing firm in accounting and financial areas of Peru.
  9. EMPROCER, SA social or rural agribusiness incubator.
  10. Shuffle master (SHFL enterteiment). Company of North American origin dedicated to the entertainment sector: casino tables, cards, shuffling machines, etc.

Large companies.

  1. Coke. One of the most important and largest North American companies. It tends to be used as a business growth myth.
  2. Transnational telecommunications technology company, it comes from Finland and is considered one of the largest in the world.
  3. Considered one of the mother companies of computing, its only rival is Apple, inc. And accused of monopolistic strategies.
  4. Telephone. Huge transnational telephone service company of Spanish origin.
  5. Burger King. One of the largest franchises specialized in fast food in the world, ranks second after McDonald’s.

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