Example of a marketing plan already prepared

Marketing plan

It is a tool that has become vital for every company today. Currently, competitiveness in companies has been a fundamental factor in the evolution of their sales , thus contributing to a progressive and sustainable development that allows them to reach more consumers.

The adaptation of companies to this new competitive environment has allowed a series of drastic and continuous changes in their development, forcing companies to create viable and executable alternatives and options.

It is then, a marketing plan, a document or text where the market studies carried out by the company are reflected, in the same way, the objectives to be followed, the strategies to achieve said objective and finally the planning are reflected in it. for the execution of the plan.

That is why the marketing plan can be defined as a written document that is composed of several elements , which are:

  • Detailed description of the current situation: it contains all the relevant aspects regarding the real situation the company is going through in order to attack the weaknesses and reinforce the strengths of the company.
  • Analysis of the situation. This point allows you to give you a clear and optimal approach to the workspace where your company is located, giving an objective view of the current situation and the competition.
  • Establishment of marketing objectives. The goals to be achieved both in the short and long term must be set out; It should be noted that these objectives must be measurable, specific, achievable, on time and relevant.
  • Definition of the marketing strategies to be used. At this point, the strategies to be executed must be defined as specific and real as possible in order to carry out a successful marketing plan.
  • Action programs to execute the strategies. Last but not least, there is the scheduling of actions; Through this element, all the actions that are going to be carried out to reach the goal will be planned and thus improve the sales and business of the company.

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