Example of a Curriculum Cover Letter

The CV cover letter is a document that you expose when applying for a job. The curriculum is an instrument that opens the doors of the job to which you are aspiring. Its preparation and presentation are important elements to obtain that desired position within the company you dream of. The curriculum constitutes the cover letter of that preparation that you have obtained through effort and study.

The best strategy to make a resume cover letter is to develop a simple statement that encompasses your skills and competencies, knowledge and ambitions.

Example of a Curriculum Cover Letter

  1. Name: Juan López

Address: Lima, Peru.

Phone: 12345678

Email: [email protected]

Company name: MEPRA CA
Name and surname of the person to whom the letter is addressed: Director Luis Pérez Company
address: Cusco, Peru.

Date: 12-09-2017

SUBJECT: Candidacy for the position of accountant.

Dear Mr. Luis Pérez.

Allow me to attach this letter attached to my curriculum vitae because I would like to share with you a little more about my profile in my desire to obtain the vacancy in the sales department of your prestigious company MEPRA CA

In the pursuit of my personal and professional growth through new professional opportunities, after obtaining my degree as a Bachelor of Accounting at the University of Los Contadores in the city of Lima, I would like to complement my degree of knowledge, putting my skills into practice in your company.

My professional experiences, my personal projects and my studies abroad have allowed me to develop knowledge in the area of ​​finance, administration and accounting, which I consider useful to carry out the work you need.

Through my responsibility, dynamism, rigor and creativity I would like to join the challenge of keeping the company in the number one position at the regional level. Therefore, I would like to put my knowledge, my motivation, my best will at your disposal to be able to get involved in the growth of new projects within MEPRA CA and to be able to work together with a new team.

If my profile fits within what you and your company are looking for, I will be happy to put my knowledge at the service of the company. For me it will be a pleasure to be able to dedicate my effort and work in your company in order to look for the opportunities that may arise.


Juan Lopez


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