Europass CV examples

Europass CV

At the time of generating reference documents to qualify within the current European framework, the European Union has facilitated the mobility of those interested both for the search for jobs and for those interested in studying abroad.

As a result of the concerns of the European forum where the level of transparency of professional qualifications is discussed internationally, this model makes it possible to harmonize professional qualifications and qualifications between different countries.

The Europass CV is an online template that can be created very easily. The use of the tool is very intuitive and is based on filling in the curriculum in the fields included in the interface and those included by the suggestions.

Through the official portal it is possible to create the document in any language and the instructions are included to complete it correctly, presenting step-by-step examples that leave no room for doubt.

All fields are optional and in many cases it may not be required to fill it out in the Europass format, either because you do not have that type of knowledge or experience or because it is not relevant due to the nature of the position.

Data required in the Europass CV

  • Personal information

In this section the personal data of the candidate in question are attached. It is imperative to provide the most accessible contact methods possible, in order to facilitate communication with the human resources team if required.

When adding a photo, the user must investigate whether or not to add the image, it is a strictly cultural issue.

  • Requested position, function, desired job, required studies, professional objective.

This option allows you to modify the curriculum according to the desired job or the objective at the time of applying.

  • Professional experience

Key section at the level of any curriculum, in this they will highlight the capacities that will add value to the postulate.

  • Education and formation

It should be taken into account that at the moment in which the studies carried out inherent to our career or the job we wish to obtain are attached to the CV; It is extremely important to emphasize generating a relationship with the most current studies.

  • Personal Competencies

Here we can add the skills that each candidate has. For example, indicate languages ​​that you master together with the reference of the oral and written level. Attaching reference titles in the case of having them.

  • Additional Information

To generate extra points when the evaluation is carried out, this segment allows adding the relevant data that can make a difference in the personal description.

  • Annexes

During the completion of this document, it is allowed to upload attached documents referring to degrees or certificates that are considered necessary.

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