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Eclogue examples

The eclogue is a type of poetic composition that corresponds to the subgenre of lyrical poetry . They usually have romantic content and the character who has the feeling of love narrates every detail of those emotions.

He presents himself as a shepherd although in reality he is not and the language he uses to express himself is of a high poetic level . On many occasions in the dialogue he interacts with other pastors with whom he talks about his sorrows and sufferings because of love .

This poetic composition can be presented as a play , although most of it is only done in a single act. The shepherds who intervene in this dialogue can also talk about their experiences in the field, but always related to the romantic situations that can occur in these environments.

The eclogue are compositions that date back centuries, it was born around the fourth century BC and with the passage of time elements have been added that have served to polish and perfect this poetic genre .

Eclogue examples

    1. The sweet lament of two shepherds,
Salicio together with Nemoroso,

I have to count, their complaints imitating;

whose sheep when singing tasty

they were very attentive, the loves,

to graze forgotten, listening.

You, who won by working

a name in the whole world,

and a degree without a second,

Now be attentive, alone and given

to the illustrious government of the State,

To the bathroom; now back to the other side,

resplendent, armed,

representing the fierce Mars on earth; (Egloga I by Garcilaso de la Vega)

  1. So high, yeah, so high

in a stir without verve

the branch the promised sky yearns for,

that not even the light assaults

this gloomy space

nor does his divine loneliness reveal.

Even the bird watches

to absorbed rest

its thin harmony. (Luis Cernuda)

  1. Albanian

In the middle of winter it’s warm

the fresh water of this clear fountain,

and in the summer more than frozen snow.

Oh clear waves, how I see present,

in seeing you, the memory of that day

that the soul feels trembling and burning!

In your clarity I saw my joy

darken all and become cloudy

when I charged you, I lost my company

Eclogue II, Garcilaso de la Vega

  1. That honest and pure will, by Garcilaso de la Vega


That honest and pure will,

illustrious and most beautiful Mary,

quen me to celebrate your beauty,

your wit and your courage used to be “

  1. “Fileno:

Now then consent to my bad luck

that my ills go without end or means,

and the more I think about giving them a remedy

then the sadness is much more enlivened;

looking for other people’s sanity suits me

to mitigate the pain I feel.

I have tested the forces of my thought,

but they cannot give me a safe life.

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