Diet Examples

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It is not only important to take into account and be careful with what we eat to take care of our well-being inside but also to look good and feel good about ourselves.

There are many reasons why people decide to go on a diet, whether it is to look better, improve health, self-esteem problems, achieve more stamina. Among others.

Planning and organizing a good diet that helps us stay in shape can go a long way.

That is why we bring you a variety of diets so you can choose the one you like the most.

Diet example

  1. Breakfast : milk with oatmeal or cereal and sliced ​​bananas.
  2. Mid-morning : coffee or tea with toast or biscuits with jams.
  3. Food : macaroni with broccoli, tomato and tuna sauce. A dried fruit.
  4. Snack : glass of milk and a sandwich of whole wheat bread with cheese and tomato.
  5. Dinner : grilled beef with green leafy salad, carrots and corn kernels. A dried fruit.
  6. Breakfast : a kiwi. Coffee with skim milk. A toast of whole wheat bread with olive oil.
  7. Mid-morning : an orange juice.
  8. Food : green beans with potatoes. Baked chicken breast with mushrooms.
  9. Snack : an apple.
  10. Dinner : vegetable broth. Scrambled eggs with tortillas and garlic. A skimmed yogurt with fruit.
  11. Breakfast : a slice of melon. With milk and a piece of whole wheat bread with light orange marmalade.
  12. Mid-morning : a peach juice.
  13. Food : broccoli with fried garlic. Beef steaks with lamb’s lettuce salad. Flavored skimmed yogurt.
  14. Snack : a bowl of cherries.
  15. Dinner : tomato salad and fresh mozzarella with oregano. A boiled egg. A curd.
  16. Breakfast : pennyroyal juice. Coffee with skim milk and six whole grain oatmeal cookies.
  17. Mid-morning : a skimmed yogurt with cereals.
  18. Food : spaghetti with minced meat. Green salad. Two apricots.
  19. Snack : a green tea and four walnuts.
  20. Dinner : vegetable tantin. Baked hake. A natural, endured yogurt.
  21. Breakfast : a pineapple juice. Bowl of skimmed milk with muesli and chopped strawberries.
  22. Mid-morning : a coffee with milk.
  23. Food : lentils with vegetables. Grilled perch fillets. Two tangerines.
  24. Snack : a handful of walnuts and an apple juice.
  25. Dinner : turkey fillet with green salad. Light Greek yogurt.

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