Database examples in excel


When we speak of a database, we refer to a set or group of data that is organized under a similar or equal context and whose information is stored in order to be used at any time it is desired. A database is used to store information of various kinds, be it people, sales, purchases, among others.

The information stored with this tool is arranged and related in tables made up of rows and columns , in this sense, it is important to point out that a table has a certain number of columns but it is not so with the rows, that is, these can be as many need.

Steps to make a database in Excel

  • The first thing that you should take into account is the identification of the tables that are going to be needed within the database, this in order to optimally organize the information that is going to be stored.
  • Next, the fields to be used within the tables must be identified , indicating in them the name in each of its columns. The name to be placed must be identifiable and recognizable as this will guide us and determine the properties that are part of the elements of the table.
  • We must identify each record made in the table ; For this, it is important to use the primary key, which is the unique international code that is attached to each published book, in this sense, this code will never be repeated in another.
  • The identification of the tables and the relationship between them should be another aspect to take into account, this will allow us to link and relate the information between the tables that are going to be made.
  • We must verify and identify that no data is repeated to avoid errors or failures.

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