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Dances examples

Talking about  dance is one of the greatest examples of art that exists and that is why we have chosen to bring you some  examples of dances so that you can know and become thoroughly familiar with this type of beautiful art. There are a series of dances that are called dance and that are part of the culture of a city or country. The definition around this dance is the action of moving with the motive of an expression, either with music or without it.

Dances examples

The  dance or dance  was created for many years and its main reason is to be able to exemplify some defined style of dance to show others. It depends on the region and even on the beliefs at the time of applying each of these dances.

Academic dance:  It is a type of dance that has specific rules and that must be respected to exemplify them, they are based on constant learning in search of perfection to perform the correct expression of art.

Folk Dance:  Considered the best known type of dance that exists. Its main motive is to be able to express something typical and exclusive of that community , city or region.

Modern dance:  One of the most used types of dance lately to express feelings . This is a combination between ballet, as well as other modern movements. The clothing can be modern and the choreography can change depending on the dance.

Ballet:  This is the main style and today it is considered one of the most beautiful arts that exist.

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