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A CV, better known as c urriculum vitae or curricular synthesis , is a presentation sheet of a person when looking for a job in a certain workplace. This resume contains outstanding and relevant aspects that allow the holder to explain their virtues and qualities that may be of importance in a company.

This cover letter is a document intended to present all the necessary information in a work center for a personnel selection process . The job applicant presents in this document all the tasks inherent to the position he has carried out, as well as the studies carried out and his personal data such as name, telephone number, identification number, among others.

What should a CV include?

  • Personal data: it must be identified, name, surname, identification number, age, current address, telephone number, email. In order for the hiring company to know who they are hiring and how they can communicate with them.
  • Academic preparation: in this space all the information and academic training that the person obtained must be indicated, from basic studies to university if applicable.
  • Extra studies: in this space the courses, workshops, diplomas or similar that have been carried out and that provide informational value with respect to the work that are being requested will be indicated.
  • In case of handling an alternate language to the original one, it is important to point it out in order to provide informative value.
  • Finally, and if you want to add it, you can include the objectives, that is, what is being sought with the position for which you are applying and what would be the contribution that the company would obtain when hiring its services.

It should be noted that this type of document generally does not cover more than one space sheet, however, it all depends on the educational level and experience that one may have. In this same order, some people usually add a motivation letter, where the person who is applying for the position is offered as the best option for the position, in the best way and with the best disposition.

CV examples

  1. cv1
  2. cv2
  3. cv3
  4. cv4

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