Contract examples


It is an agreement of wills that creates or transmits rights to the parties that sign them.

It is a type of legal act in which two or more people are present and is intended to generate obligations and facts .

The contracts are designed by the obligations and the consent that originates from the contract, they have the force of law between the contracting parties.

Examples of contracts

  1. Prenuptial Agreement : Also known as capitulation of assets. It is formalized by the couple before the relationship where the assets are distributed in the event of a divorce or separation.
  2. Arras : both sides agree to the purchase and sale reserves of movable or immovable property, giving an amount of money as proof as a guarantee signal .
  3. Deposits : one of the parties, called “depositor” confers possession of an object or several that are part of their property to another (the depositor) who is responsible for keeping it and restoring it when claimed.
  4. Guarantee : personal guarantee contract, through which a third party agrees to respond to a creditor for the fulfillment of the obligation assumed by a debtor.
  5. Mortgage : it is a unilateral contract, of which only real estate can be the object.
  6. Marriage : it is a union contract that is made between two people with the ability to marry. Certain opinions say that marriage is not a contract but an alliance.
  7. Swap : one of the contracting parties is required to give one thing to receive another in return.
  8. Leasing : the one who has the role of the lessor transfers the right to use an asset to obtain in exchange the payment of the rental rent for a certain time.
  9. Franchise : one of the parties, known as the franchisor, assigns to another, this is called the franchisee, the license of a brand related to the methods of doing business to obtain a periodic fee in exchange.
  10. Donation : one of the parties, recognized as the donor, makes a free transfer of their assets to the other party, recognized as the donee.

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